Blu-ray Disc looks nearly twice as sharp as current Hi-Def broadcasts and sounds much better than DVDs. The best part is that the latest Blu-ray Disc players are completely BACKWARDS-COMPATIBLE with your current Home Theater system.

Even if you don't own the latest (1080p) HDTV or if you don't own an HDTV at all, a Blu-ray Disc player will look better than a DVD player or Hi-Def cable box on your current televison set. Click HERE for more information on PICTURE QUALITY.

Don't worry about upgrading your audio system if it's not HDMI-compatible. Blu-ray Disc audio works with most 5 to 7-speaker Home Theaters. The sound quality over DVD is incredible. Click HERE to find out if your sound system is compatible.

Your image is only as good as its source. A higher resolution picture will improve clarity even on a low-resolution (analog) televison. The Blu-ray Disc looks best on a "1080p" HDTV but makes standard ("720p"~"1080i") HDTVs look great, too.

Depending on the HDMI capabilies of your current equipment, these are the connections you may (or may not) need to look for when purchasing a Blu-ray Disc player. The "Ethernet" and "7.1ch AUDIO OUT" connections will add to the cost of most players.

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