Welcome to the BLU-RAY test disc page...

Please note that on most Blu-ray discs, everytime you start the movie you'll have to select the "Uncompressed PCM", "DolbyTrueHD" or "DTSHD Master Audio"...The Blu-ray players and discs automatically default to the lowest audio quality ("Dolby Digital" or "DTS").

Uncompressed PCM

"Master Audio" is your best choice. "TrueHD" is the next best and "PCM" is last (but still much better than "Dolby Digital" and "DTS"). Choose wisely.

Another thing to note is our Blu-ray player is hooked up with the "5.1 Analog" jacks to our three (3) non-HDMI amplifiers...All the processing is done IN THE PLAYER to ensure proper decoding of the audio...Click HERE for an explaination.

The Fifth Element (Remastered)

Make sure you get the "Remastered" version.

See the "RMSTD BD" on top?

See the "Full HD 1080" and "Dolby TrueHD" logos on the back?

"Black Hawk Down"


"Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"


"We Were Soldiers"




"Pan's Labyrinth"


"Hellboy 2"


"The Dark Knight"



"Grand Canyon IMAX"

(4,000-line master)

"T2: Skynet Edition"


"Watchmen: Director's Cut"