If you can't make your very own RG6 cable, this is the next best thing.

Remember, RG6 has 0% signal loss over 100 feet. So, naturally 3, 6, 12 or 25 feet will be just fine. These are the prices and lengths for the pre-terminated RG6 cables at "HomeDepot.com":

100' RG6 (Black or White) $15.99

50' RG6 (Black or White) $12.99

25' RG6 (Black or Black) $5.99

15' RG6 (Black or White) $4.99

6' RG6 (Black or White) $2.99

Click this link for all of these cables at Home Depot's website.

And be sure to tighten those connectors with a pair of wrenches...Hand tightening will cause signal loss!

The featured ADAPTOR (4130) can be purchased at "MonoPrice.com" for about 50 cents.

Click here to buy it from MonoPrice right now

And for some amazing speaker wire, try some "Cat5e" from your local hardware strore for about 17 cents a foot...

Cat5e is a little thin, so use 2 runs to each speaker (one for positive and one for negative)...Keep the pairs twisted just like the picture...But don't twist the bare copper you place into the terminals on your speakers and amplifiers...Just lay them all side by side for a better connection.

For those of you keeping count, that's 16 individual, 24-gauge wires to each speaker ~ 8 for the positive jack, 8 for the negative jack ~ each run of Cat5e has 8 individual strands ~ that makes 2 runs of Cat5e to each speaker.