If you want $10,000 worth of sound for about $750, this is it. The "Budget" system removes the "PREAMP" and "POWERED SUBWOOFER" from our Biggest Bang For Your Buck ($1,500) setup. This is definitely the most sound you'll get for your money.

Blu-ray Disc players with the proper internal decoders ("DolbyTrueHD" ~ "DTSHD Master Audio") and output jacks (7.1ch PREOUT) start at around $400. The DOWN-SIDE of this setup is that any other equipment you connect will only play out of the front two speakers.

You can also supplant the disc player with your home computer. Throw in a Blu-ray Disc drive and capable sound card ("Burr-Brown" DACs ~ 24bit/192kHz ~ "DolbyTrueHD/DTSHD Master Audio" decoders ~ 7.1ch analog output) and you're set. The computer then becomes your "PREAMP".

The Biggest Bang For Your Buck ($1,500)

The Ideal Setup ($13,500)

The Ultimate Setup ($120,000)