(We've omitted "Quadraphonics", "3-channel Stereo", "Dolby Surround" and "10.2")

It all began with "Mono" sound...Way back in the Alexander Grahm Bell days and ended with the 1 (one) "6x9 speaker" (or "by-nines") in the middle of your dash.

Next we were blessed with "Stereo" or 2 speakers...Everyone has had a home stereo or "boom-box" with a left and a right speaker.

Finally DOLBY steps up with it's "Pro-Logic" sound and bumps us up to 5 speakers...It's nice to have REAR speakers, but they're not very loud ("Hi-Fi Stereo" VCR required).

The next evolution was "Dolby Digital" and "DTS" (made possible by DVD)...Now ALL 5 speakers had the same VOLUME and could be IDENTACLE make and models.

Here we are almost 10 years ago with "Dolby Ex" and "DTS ES"...George Lucas invented "6.1" to plug "Episode One: The Phantom Menace" back in 1999.

With the advent of Blu-ray we finally get true 7.1 signals with "DolbyTrueHD", "DTSHD Master Audio" and "Uncompressed PCM".

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