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Latest Home Theater Updates - 4/10/13 ~ Yes, it really has been 15 months (it's about time)

Home Theater Basics (a good place to start)

HDTV Truths (don't throw out your Analog set)

Blu-ray Disc

Free Home Theater Upgrades

Sound Quality

Picture Quality

Completely UNCOMPRESSED Digital Audio

Speaker Placement

Dolby vs. DTS

History of Surround

Finding The Best Speaker For YOU

Great Home Theater Test Discs

Budget Cables

RMS vs.Peak Power Ratings

How To Hook Up Your Stereo Receiver

How To Hook Up Your DVD Player

How To Hook Up Your VCR

How To Hook Up Your TV

Why Aspect Ratio Is Important (The Digital Bits)

Why Anamorphic Rocks (The Digital Bits)

Why There Are STILL Black Bars On Your Widescreen TV (The Digital Bits)

Budget Setup ($750)

The Biggest Bang For Your Buck ($1,500)

The Ideal Setup ($13,500)

The Ultimate Setup ($120,000)

The Spiritual Side of Audio

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BigPictureBigSound (general Home Theater info)

Electronic House (general Home Theater info)

Sound & Vision Magazine (general Home Theater info)

Home Theater Magazine (general Home Theater info)

Home Media Magazine (consumer electronics manufacturers & Hollywood studios info)

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