Too much time off...These are 2011's Distractions. Lots of FREE entertainment (and truth, too). You know we're big on that (give 'em a look). Click here (or the link below).

We're going to get things rolling again (no, for real). No excuses for not keeping in touch. And now that we're back, here's something to ponder (movie-wise)...Try watching the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" Trilogies in chronological (release date) order...You get a lot more out of them...(try to do one every night of the week).

All six of these films are on Blu-ray Disc and will give your home theater quite a work out. Remember, electronics are nice, but they're only as good as the movies we play on them. And we do realize missing all of 2011 is no excuse for missing the rest of 2012. See you soon (no, really).

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