We've added all the latest "DolbyTrueHD" and "DTS-HD Master Audio" capable receivers to the bottom of the "Uncompressed Audio" page. As you plan your next purchase, don't forget that a new receiver won't be worth the upgrade without one of the only two "Dolby TrueHD" or "DTS-HD Master Audio" capable Blu-ray Disc players to go with it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it's all coming together this week. Sony's "BDP-S300" is on sale for only $299. This format war is nearing its end. Click right HERE for that deal at Sony's website. It's also available at Circuit City and Best Buy.

And special thanks to Dr. Oravetz for sending us a HIGH-RESOLUTION link to the new "Dark Knight" trailer. Take a look at that right HERE and tell us what you think. It looks like it will be as good as the first one. We'll see. Thanks again, Doc. We love ya' out here!


After December 31, 2007 it will still be legal to SELL analog televisions (who would want one, anyway?), but it won't be legal to MAKE them anymore. That's right, kids. The federal government has decreed that all TVs (13 inches and up) and DVD recorders (didn't mention VCRs) must have DIGITAL tuners inside them starting in 2008. This doesn't require full HD capability, but free DVD quality channels at home with only "rabbit-ears" is nothing to be upset about. Click our "HDTV Truths" page to see what you need to do before all of this goes down. Don't be scared - the longer you wait, the more you save.


Blu-ray just keeps the hits comin'. Right now at Best Buy, if you purchase either Panasonic's 42 inch or 50 inch, 1080p Plasma Flat-Screen HDTV, you get Panasonic's newest Blu-ray Disc player, the DMP-BD30K, for FREE! That's one of the ONLY players which will pass "DTS-HD Master Audio" via an HDMI cable to a capable receiver. Be sure to click right HERE for that deal. I love the holidays.

Be sure to hop on over to the "Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD" page to see all the latest FORMAT WAR news.


Blu-ray just beat the $300 price-point. Starting this week, Samsung's "BD-P1400" is on sale at Best Buy, Circuit City and Amazon.com for $299. And with a firmware upgrade, it will send "DTS-HD Master Audio" to your capable receivers. Certainly not the best player out there, but just in time for the holidays.

And of course, we'll be putting this update on our "Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD" page which is dedicated to covering this stupid format war.


Two months is even longer...No words can make up for our lack of effort...So much has happened and things are starting to heat up as 2007 draws to a close.

"DTS-HD Master Audio" is finally here! How many people have waited to see their receivers light up like that? Here's a great article covering DTS's debut party for their new amazing format. Click right HERE for that.


As we near Christmas Blu-ray has lept ahead in the United States with a 3 to 1 margin in software sales. In Japan, 9 out of 10 HD discs sold are Blu-ray. 7 out of 10 in Europe. Even with HD-DVD's low-priced hardware, 18 out of the 20 best-selling HD discs have been Blu-ray titles.

Meanwhile, there are rumors of WARNER BROS. picking a side in this format war early next year. If they side with Blu-ray, then 70% of movie studios will support the Blu-ray Disc format. If they side with HD-DVD, then it will be split right down the middle, prolonging this ridiculous format war. Makes me tired...

Best Buy has pulled all of its ANALOG televisions off the sales floor. The FCC requires ALL retailers which continue to sell the "old" sets to post a sign letting folks know that on February 17, 2009 they're going to need some additional equipment to receive their broadcast televsion.

Don't forget that as soon as January 1, 2008 you can start requesting your $80 worth of vouchers toward an HD converter box for your old TVs from the government. It's first come, first serve so don't wait too long. Click HERE for that link.

Finally, we've updated several of our pages due to the quickly changing technology. Be sure to check out these links out if you haven't already. Enjoy!

"Completely Uncompressed Digital Audio"

"Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD"

"Dolby vs. DTS"

"Why HDMI Isn't Always the Best"

"Great Blu-ray Test Discs"


A month is FAR too long...My apologies to all the folks out there tuning in every week...Now then, let's get down to it.

I must first give tremendous kudos to an on-line audio/video electronics store which has become SO successfull they've opened their first retail outlet in the Seattle area...They go by the name of "HDTV Depot" and have some of the BEST prices on gear I've ever seen...Click on the link to visit their on-line store or if you're in Washington, stop on in for even better deals...HDTV Depot is a family-owned business run by a handfull of individuals that are bent on delivering award-winning customer service, armed with the lastest knowledge of current technologies...These guys stock the most-wanted A/V equipment on the market today...And if they don't have what you're looking for, they can get it - Just ask...Give 'em a look, won't ya'? That's "HDTV Depot". "Offering internet prices with hometown service."

We're adding the HDTV Depot link to the HDTV Truths page.

Back in the heat of the HD disc format war, Sony has announced it's just produced its 10 Millionth 50 GB Blu-ray disc...Click right HERE for that story...HD-DVD responded by announcing a TRIPLE-LAYER disc that would offer 51 GB...Unfortunately, all exsisting HD-DVD players cannot play a triple layer disc...Click right HERE for that story...To counter that, Blu-ray has proposed a QUAD-LAYER disc that'll hold 100 GB...Click HERE for that story...Geez, I hate this.

Panasonic is going to release a Blu-ray RECORDER this fall in Japan...It's said to be able to record 18 hours of full HD content on a dual-layered disc...This model also totes a 1,000 GB (that's one terabyte) hard drive that'll hold 381 hours of HD programming...Can ya' believe that? Click HERE for the story on that.


Where to begin? Let's start with the introduction of the THIRD Hi-Def disc format to rear its ugly head...Click right HERE for all of that nonsense...Geez.

Next up, if you haven't already heard, Toshiba paid Dreamworks and Paramount $150 million to go HD-DVD exclusive...They offered (and were turned down) Warner Bros. and Wal-Mart a similar deal...Click HERE for all of that nonsense.

Here's some good news...The REMASTERED version of "The Fifth Element" on Blu-ray is INCREDIBLE...The first time I've ever heard the new "DolbyTrueHD" audio format...It's even better than the "5.1 Uncompressed Audio"...A must have for Blu-ray fans...Sony has made up for their mistakes...It's the BEST Blu-ray disc we've sampled yet...Here's some pics of the new packaging so you don't pick up the wrong version:

See, the front packaging is IDENTICAL to the original release...

Make sure the top has the "THE RMSTD BD" on it...

And the best part: The "Full HD 1080" and "Dolby TrueHD" logos on the back...

And finally, we've started adding BLU-RAY titles to our "Great Home Theater Test Discs" page...These discs sound so amazing, it doesn't matter which scene you demo...It's all good...Enjoy.


Here's the web address for your 2 free $40 coupons from the Government for your HDTV converters...Click HERE to check that out with all the answers you need...You can start ordering as early as January 1st, 2008...Better hurry, it's first come, first serve...We've, of course, put this link on our "HDTV Truths" page for the rest of the Universe...Have fun.

Real quick...The first $200 HD-DVD player is on its way...Click right HERE to see that...And click HERE for Onkyo's first HD-DVD player...It's pretty expensive...Strange days.

Also, Tony Hawk has sent us a warning about those $1,000 plasma TVs that you might be considering for your home...Yes, the ones you find at cheap electronics chain stores...Sounds too good to be true? Well it is...After the warranty it up, if your $1,000 plasma breaks, you're on your own...Might as well chuck it...Spend a little more and get a name brand...Thanks, Tony Hawk.


The sad truth about the format war...Here's a link to a recent poll that suggests 82% of the public doesn't know or care about any HD disc format...Click HERE to check it out...It was the same way when DVD came out...Folks told me, "My VHS is clear enough. Why would I spend more money?" Now we're ALL watching DVD...Just a matter of time, kids.


Sorry we've been out during all the exciting format war news...We've been playing with our new Panasonic Blu-ray player...Switched our Netflix account to include Blu-ray...Flipping back and forth between "compressed" and "uncompressed" audio tracks...Playing our old DVDs to see how much better they look and sound on the new player...The very next day, the bomb drops...

It's like in Superman 2, when Clark removes his powers to be with Lois, and then they find out General Zod it tearing up the country...But we won't go back to DVD...We're going to ride out this war just like we did when DIVX reared its ugly head...Nothing against the HD-DVD, but we've got to end this war or no one will win.

If you haven't heard about it already, Microsoft paid Paramount and Dreamworks $150 million to switch EXCLUSIVELY to HD-DVD...Michael Bay refused to make Transformers 2 because he loves Blu-ray, and Microsoft paid him off, too...So now the famous director has switched sides...Oh, what tangled webs we weave.


The COMPACT DISC (a.k.a.- the "CD") turns 25 years old...Happy birthday, little guy! We wonder how much time you've got left...At least another 5 to 10 years, right? Here's an ARTICLE which recaps the CD's birth into this world...Enjoy!


Saw Rush Hour 3...Wasn't as good as the other two...But it was still fun to watch...Disney and Blu-ray are teaming up and taking the show on the road...Click HERE to see if they're coming to your local mall.

Also, Denon has released their THIRD receiver to decode the new HD audio formats...Of course, we'll update the "Uncompressed Audio" page...But click HERE to take a look at it on Denon's website...Here's a picture of it...I love the logos on the front.


At long last, Blu-ray players are out-selling HD-DVD players...Click HERE to read all about it...Also, LG has announced it's next generation SUPER MULTI BLUE player...It promises not to be crappy like the first model...Click HERE to read all about that...This war is almost over...Sometimes it's nice to be wrong.


Toshiba's releasing its 3rd generation HD-DVD players in October...3 models priced at $300, $400 and $500...Toshiba promises that their $300 model will drop to $200 by Christmas this year...Click HERE for the more information on this last ditch effort for HD-DVD to win this war...I'm guessing Blu-ray will follow suit...Maybe with $300 players by this holiday season...We'll see.


August already...Target has decided to go with the Blu-ray...Click HERE to read all about it...One more log on the fire for HD-DVD...And here's another: Blu-ray discs are out-selling HD-DVDs 3 to 1!!!

Also, Denon has anounced its SECOND receiver to decode the new HD audio formats as well as a lot of the same features its big brother has (AVR-4308ci)...We'll be updating the "Uncompressed Audio" page, of course...Click HERE to check out the new "AVR-3808ci" for only $1600.

Finally, we recommend another DVD that'll show off your Home Theater...Go and rent "300" this week...Just the opening "Warner Bros." logo sounded incredible...The rest of the movie will blow your mind...We'll add it to the"Home Theater Test Discs" page...Here's a pic for those of you who haven't seen the commercials on TV every 5 minutes.


Great news in the world of UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO...Denon has released its first of several receivers with all the bells and whistles we've been waiting for...The Denon AVR-4308ci has DolbyTrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, HDRadio, Faruja DCDi and so much more...Here's some photos of the front and back for you guys to look at...And, of couse, we'll be updating the list of HD audio capable receivers on the Completely Uncompressed Audio page.


Sorry it's been so long folks...It's too nice to be indoors this time of year...Here are some long overdue updates you've probably already heard about...Here we go:

First off, Samsung's 3rd generation Blu-ray player is due out in September for $549...It's supposed to have all the extras we've been waiting for in a Blu-ray player (ethernet port, DolbyTrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.)...Click right HERE to read more about that.

There's talk of Universal Studios (the ONLY exclusive supporter of HD-DVD) to cave in and adopt BOTH new HD disc formats...If that were to happen, the format war would be over...Click right HERE to read more on that story...I hope it's true.

And finally, we must tell you about the video release of "ULTIMATE HELLSING"...It's an anime series that will blow your mind...On top of having great characters and a great story, the picture and sound on the latest DVD release are top notch...Anamorphic widescreen and incredible 5.1 audio...Worth a look to you Netflix-ers out there...There's currently only 2 volumes available with a 3rd on the way...We'll let you know when it's released...We'll be adding them to the "Great Home Theater Test Discs" page...In the mean time, here's some cover art and some screen shots...enjoy.


Tony Hawk has informed us that LG's "Super-Multi-Blue" player now comes with your choice of 10 FREE HD DISCS!!! You get to choose 5 Blu-ray titles and 5 HD-DVD titles...I guess it's to compete with all the free discs Toshiba (HD-DVD) and Sony (Blu-ray) have been throwing at us...Thanks, Tony Hawk!

Continuing the format war, click right HERE to see Sony's new Blu-ray player...At only $500, it's superior to the $1,000 model (now $800) in every way...I think we'll get one for Christmas when it's down to $300...We'll see.

One last thing that I wasn't aware of until today...I knew that not all HD-DVDs included the UNCOMPRESSED audio...But while browsing at the local Best Buy, I was shocked to discover that not all Blu-ray discs have UNCOMPRESSED, either...Almost makes me not want to buy one...It's like when you buy a DVD and it's only in "Dolby Digital 2.0"...I mean, what's the point? Even your VHS is in "Stereo"...Oh, well...We had these problems when DVD first came out...The first Disney DVDs were "Full-Frame" and listed "Chapter Stops" as the only special feature...Geez!


HD-DVD is trying it's darnedest to beat the Blu-ray...Click HERE for an article on HD-DVD's anti-trust suit against the Blu-ray exclusive movie studios.

And for the record, to quote "The Digital Bits", "So the market right now is roughly 1.6 million Blu-ray capable machines compared to 310,000 HD-DVD machines."

All of the news here at "avtruths" lately has been about the new HD formats...If the format war ends and one format is picked up by consumers to replace DVDs, I think it could change Home Theater DRAMATICALLY...The picture is a great upgrade from DVD and an average improvement from HD broadcast, but the SOUND alone it worth the price of admission.

No Home Audio retailer I've visited has got the HD disc player hooked up properly for sound...No one is getting to HEAR this amazing new technology...Only a handfull of people at home have connected their players up correctly, as well...Once again, the COMPLETELY UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO will blow your mind...Click THIS LINK to see how to get your HD disc audio working for you at home or in the store.

The idea behind all of this is mind-numbingly simple...You don't need a new stereo or new TV...Hooking an HD disc player (Blu-ray or HD-DVD) to your existing Home Theater is simple and inexpensive...Your current stereo system can take advantage of all that great audio (which is an identical copy of the studio master) right now...If you haven't heard it yet, you're really missing out.


2007 is half over...Maybe by Christmas this HD disc format war will be over...We'll have to wait and see...A couple updates in the battle for Blu-ray...First click HERE for an article explaining Blu-ray's revenge for HD-DVD's free movie give away...And click HERE for an article backing the claim that Microsoft wants both HD formats to fail so they can usher in VIDEO ON DEMAND...Sounds fishy...Check it out, see what you think...I wouldn't put it past them.


We should have put this up here a few days ago...This is BIG "format war" news...And this is, once again, straight from the mighty Chase Bunger (thanks)...Blockbuster has decided to go with Blu-ray over the HD-DVD...Their "trail stores" which rented both formats found that 70% of HD discs rented were Blu-ray (30% HD-DVD)...Click HERE to read the article ol' Bunger sent us.


Chase Bunger has really done it this time, folks...He's sent us some truly amazing info...ONKYO has released two new receivers that offer (get ready) Built in DolbyTrueHD and DTSHD Master Audio...This new technology is moving SO much faster than when Dolby Digital and DTS first appeared 10 years ago...Here's the links to each of the new models.



Also, Bunger informs us that the $200 HD-DVD player is back up to $300...Gotta move quick folks...


Here's some crazy-wild HD Content info...Not just HD discs, but HD "content"...Microsoft might have started this format war to kill off both formats...No proof, but read THIS article to see what I'm talking about.

And because I'm feeling obnoxious, click HERE for an article quoting the HD-DVD camp lying about how well their format is doing...Can you believe it?


Our good and trusted neighbor, The Legendary Chase Bunger, has sent us a link to HD-DVD's best offer yet: $200 HD-DVD player w/5 free movies!!! It makes us want to buy one (almost)...Click right HERE to see this exclusive deal at Crutchfield.com...Thanks, Bunger!


Blu-ray strikes again...Click right HERE to read an article on Sony's second generation BD player for only $500!!! We're so excited...


The The Digital Bits has officially sided with Blu-ray and condemmed HD-DVD to failure...Click HERE for their article expaining why...Hey, they were right about DVD and DIVX.


It seems like HD-DVD won't give up without a fight...They're pulling the same old tricks the DIVX camp did back in the day...You can read about it here at VideoBuisness's website...Due to HD-DVD player's priced as low as $249 (or less), sales have jumped for the failing HD format...History repeats itself.


This just in from "Matt, the new guy Adam mentioned"...(who's Adam?)...Anyway, click here for the latest PS3 software upgrade (version 1.80)...Matt swears on Tony Hawk's life that it allows you to upconvert DVDs to 1080p as well as upconvert PS1 and PS2 games to 1080p...Sounds great! Keep that Home Theater info coming in, folks...(why can't "Hawky Tone" be more like Matt?)

Jason Woolverton (Hawky Tone) - Class of '93


We heard through the "grape vine" that Sherwood Newcastle would be releasing the World's FIRST home theater receiver with built-in "DolbyTrueHD" and "DTS-HD" decoders this August...Let's keep our fingers crossed.

On a lighter note, we've modified our "Great Home Theater Test Discs", "Dolby vs. DTS" and "Budget Cables" links...Enjoy!


Yet ANOTHER lid in HD-DVD's coffin...Panasonic has released a New Blu-ray Player that's only $600...It's also the very FIRST model available to offer on-board DolbyTrueHD and DTSHD...I'm so exited! (sorry, Bunger)


Feliz Cinco de Mayo! You won't believe it...But Yahoo!Answers has booted us again! I tell you, some folks can't handle the truth...But we're already back and spreading the good news that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get great sound...Sorry Yahoo!, you lose again...Fight the power! (Pray for me, Bunger...)


I got our old address back...I had to call Australia to get it back...It was already tomorrow down there...Really nice and helpful folks those Aussies...Anyway, for the people who used to visit us at "Why Does My Home Theater Suck?.com', you still can...And you'll be forwarded to "A/V Truths" directly...It's nice to be back...Keep the questions coming in!


Blu-ray disc led in sales for the first quarter of 2007...It looks like 70% of all HD discs sold lately are Blu-ray...Here's an ARTICLE that explains it in detail...We've been wrong before folks...Enjoy it while you can.


Our good friends down at Yahoo! decided to TERMINATE all of our accounts for NO reason and WITHOUT warning...Not just the Geocities account, but our Yahoo!Answers and Yahoo!Mail accounts, as well.

Call me paranoid, but I'm getting the feeling that speaking the TRUTH is starting to upset some higher-ups...People don't want to know that they might have already purchased the WRONG equipment...Well the fact of the matter is, it's true whether this website EXISTS or not.

This is, after all, just a website...And as I've always said, "If YOUR ears can't hear the difference, DON'T waste your money." Our opinions and information should NOT dictate what the rest of the world is buying.

All we're trying to do is to keep folks from getting "taken for a ride" when they walk into a Consumer Electronics Retail Store...That and make sure everyone's getting the most SOUND for their MONEY.

But either way, we're back...And we apologize for being down this weekend...This will NOT happen again...Unfortunately, all of "The Latest Updates" from the very beginning (10/5/06) were WIPED OUT...We're starting over...But we'll never forget what has happened.

But don't be frightend by our new name and address...It's to help soften the blow for the general public...We're still not pulling any punches...You can still reach us at our old address...But we're back, and better than ever...Sorry, Yahoo, you lose...