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Mr. Plinkett over at Red Letter Media tells it like it is (for FREE) as he famously rips George Lucas "another one"...Here's a clip (from YouTube) showcasing his amazing powers (of perception).

Next is the cynical, nasally drone of probably the angriest man in Los Angeles (Adam Carolla). Another individual with "amazing powers of perception". Be sure to listen to his FREE (Guiness-World-Record-breaking) daily podcast at The Adam Carolla Show and check out a sample of his flawless logic (from YouTube).

These next two are little more abstract...They've brought a lot of happiness to the world (Bad Lip Reading). You'll just have to watch them. (enjoy)

Now that's out of the way ("Orange Peanut" and "Eye of the Sparrow")...We just want to remind all of you out there you don't have to pay for cable and/or satellite. Your HDTV can pick up to 70 hi-def channels from your "rabbit-ears" antenna (for FREE)...You can fill in the "gap" of missing shows by visiting Hulu (again, at no charge). And if you're still trying to feed your need for Blu-ray Disc (top-of-the-line audio/video) entertainment, then get yourself a Netflix subscription (for $8.99/month).

The latest film (available in the U.S.) from director Makoto Shinkai, "5cm Per Second" (the speed that cherry blossoms fall) is a wonder to behold on your home theater (sight and sound). His first film, Voices of a Distant Star was made entirely by himself (alone). Makoto's next film, A Place Promised in Our Early Days employs the help of 20 or 30 more people (and it's amazing). 5cm Per Second, along with those other two films are beautful to behold on Blu-ray Disc. (the feature-length film below is only 720p).

Last, but not least, we've set up our new home theater (for only $1,000). It's the Budget Setup (without a 4th amp, 6th and 7th speaker or subwoofer). The projector is an Infocus Screenplay 5000 (it's only 720p) and we have it set up at 132 inches diagonal (that's 11 feet). The little screen below (on the right) is a 19-inch flat screen (both images are simulated). Even with the bass frequency filtered out (completely) below 100Hz, there's still too much bass (on "THX-Certified" discs). And yes, that's a turntable below (on the left).

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