There's a great article at Sound & Vision about high-resolution music downloads from HD Tracks website. They offer a quick sampler (like Amazon) where you can demo tracks. When your computer is piped through your Home Theater (or headphones), you can really hear a sound difference over your CD collection. Again, CD's are compressed digital audio (lossy) and these down loads (like Blu-ray Disc) are uncompressed digital audio (lossless). Better than a CD, but falls slightly short of Blu-ray Disc. Enjoy.


They're reporting over at Big Picture, Big sound that ONE-THIRD of U.S. households have Blu-ray Disc players (includes PS3's)...Glad to see that LOW-QUALITY streaming and downloads haven't completely taken over (yet).


Quoting an article written by Al Griffin over at Sound & Vision (about his first day at CES):

"The real attention-getters here, however, are LGs 84-inch Ultra Definition 4K (3480 x 2160-pixel) and 55-inch OLED TVs, which the company had previously announced. LG says it also plans to bring UD tech to 72- and 60-inch screen sizes".


Sure it's been awhile, folks...On the horizon is a video resolution at least 4 times greater than your Blu-ray Disc collection. As you can see below, there a several formats. Supposedly, current Blu-ray technology can handle "4K" and "8K" picture quality (that remains to be seen). But the word is that the 2012 Olympics will be broadcast in the new "UHD" (Ultra High-Def) format. See you soon. Keep the questions and info coming. Thanks again!

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