There's lot's of versions of these movies available...Specific versions are better than others...Also, certain TRACKS will be listed as TEST material, as well as instuctions for AUDIO SELECTION and whether or not to play it in "5.1" or "6.1" or both...Not all of these movies are OSCAR WORTHY, but they'll impress your friends.

Click here for great BLU-RAY test discs

We'll be adding to this list as we demo more and more discs.

"Saving Private Ryan-DTS Edition"

Make sure to only play 5 speakers

Track 2 will get you going.

"Terminator 2-Ultimate Editon"

Great for 6 speakers

You must select the "DTS-ES" audio

Try the "0.0 Human Casulties" track

"The Fifth Element-Superbit Edition"

Try this one with 5 or 6 speakers - see what you think

Select the "DTS" audio track

Try "The Diva" and "Leeloo vs. The Mangalores"

"Akira-DTS Version"

Try this one with 5 or 6 speakers, too

The "DTS" audio track is JAPANESE only

play TRACK 2 for starters

Gladiator-DTS-ES Version

This one is made for 6 speakers

Be sure to select the "DTS-ES" track

All the fight scenes rock, but try "Track 9" for the squeamish

The Matrix

Sounds good with either 5 or 6 speakers playing

Everyone's tired of "The Lobby Scene"...Try the "Helicopter Outside the Window with the Chain-gun Scene" instead

The Shadow

Make sure you're only playing 5 speakers

Sorry, it's in "full-frame"...Try track 2

Cast Away

Great 6 speaker movie!

Be sure to select the "DTS-ES" audio track

The "Plane Crash Scene" is great, but the whole movie will give your CENTER REAR(S) a work out.

The Legend of Bagger Vance

This one sounds good with 5 or 6 speakers

Select the "DTS" audio and enjoy the ENTIRE movie

Tenchi The Movie

This one sound great with 6 speakers, but sounds even BETTER with only 5 speakers

Sorry it's widescreen, but NOT anamorphic...The very beginning is great, but before "The Matrix" came out, this was the BEST sounding DVD you could demo.

Sin City

Be sure to select the DTS track.

This movie sounds great right from the start...Perfect balance between all 5 speakers.

Howl's Moving Castle

Anytime the castle is on the move is great, but the war scenes later on are impressive.

Ultimate Hellsing: Volume 2

Look in the chapter menu for anyone'll blow your mind.

The disc automaticly selects the 5.1 audio (which is in English)...The anamorphic widescreen picture puts Disney to shame.

There are several volumes available (with more on the way), but Volume 2 is the best (so far) for demo-worthy picture and sound


This movie looks and sounds perfect...Balanced much like "Sin City's" soundtrack was.

Just play the altered "Warner Bros." logo at the start of the movie...The rest of the film sounds even better than that.