At only $120,000 it's NOT the "Best in the Whole World"...It's just the best WE'VE had the chance to sample in our SHORT time...The FINAL step after "The Biggest Bang For Your Buck" and "The Ideal Setup".

This time we've used an amplifier for EACH speaker in our setup. The Denon "A1HD" has NO amplifier section to speak of so it requires connections to an external amplifier (or SEVEN).

And remember, "RCA" connections won't cut it...You need "XLR" or "Balanced" connections for this equipment.

And COPPER wire and interconnects are no longer good enough at THIS level...You'll need all SILVER...You can find these at "".

Budget Setup ($750)

The Biggest Bang For Your Buck ($1,500)

The Ideal Setup ($13,500)